Technology Program


At All Souls, cutting edge technology serves as a cornerstone for the support and advancement of the education of all students. Technological fluency enables more efficient and effective instruction, enhances thinking abilities, and empowers students to develop critical life skills that help them become successful citizens in a global society.

All Souls is connected - beginning with our extensive IT infrastructure, which provides seamless wireless and wired internet access throughout the school. Our full time Technology Instructor and Tech Support Department ensures that the school’s IT program runs without a hitch.

But that’s just the beginning. Teachers are provided with MacBooks and iPads, as well as continued training, giving them the opportunity to use the latest technology to help students better understand various curricula.

Students in primary grades use iPads - in group settings - to enhance their learning. Intermediate grades work independently on iPads in math and science and learn to use probes and interactive software to better understand intricate concepts. All Souls Middle School students are provided with 1:1 iPads to help prepare them for High School and College.

Students also use Office 365 giving them access to the latest productivity applications and promoting collaboration with teachers and other students through the sharing of work. They also have individual email addresses to provide better communication channels with their instructors and peers.

A Technology Lab with 30 computers is available to the student body, along with an additional 12 computers in the library, 4 touchscreen computers in the Early Learning Center and SMARTBoards and Document Cameras in every classroom to allow for interactive teaching in all curriculum areas.

At All Souls Catholic School we wholeheartedly agree with Pope Francis that technology, when taught and used effectively, allows the Catholic faith to be more accessible and appealing to today’s youth.