Student Support Services


Our Vocation

All Souls Catholic School is committed to providing a vigorous, faith filled education for every student while also meeting the educational and spiritual needs of each student. We strive to accommodate and celebrate our students in all of their individual differences and abilities.

Our Faith and Educational Principles

All Souls embraces and upholds the following guiding principles to which faculty, staff, administration, parents, and students contribute their resources of time, talent, energy, and finances:

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    • Nurture each child’s God given talents.
    • Nurture each student’s spiritual, academic, and social growth.
    • Nurture each every child’s creativity and aspirations.
    • Inspire a love for knowledge and truth.
    • Inspire and motivate students to become life long learners.
    • Inspire a strong sense of stewardship and compassion for our community and our world.
    • Empower students to live out their faith.
    • Empower students by giving them the tools needed to develop their own identity.
    • Empower students to achieve their goals.
    • Uphold the belief that all students can learn, and that a student who learns differently is not inferior in virtue because of that difference.
    • Uphold the belief that all students have skills, talents, and gifts to offer the community.
    • Uphold the belief that the uniqueness of the individual student is to be recognized, respected, and valued.

Academic Support Services

The Department of Student Support Services serves students in ELC through 8th grade, and supports the special learning needs of all students in the All Souls community. Students with diagnosed disabilities (including those with IEPs and ISPs) are provided with outstanding academic support. The Student Support Services Team in conjunction with teachers and parents develops a “Student Accommodation/Modification Plan” to document current levels of academic performance, necessary accommodations and modifications, two yearly, measurable goals, and school provided services.

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    Students who qualify for an Accommodation/Modification Plan receive up to two hours per week of direct educational support. Direct, indirect, and consult services are also determined and agreed upon at a parent/teacher meeting.

    Services are based on the level of support a student needs to successfully access the Archdiocese of Denver curricula. Direct services include: one on one support, small group pull out, and in class push in/team teaching.

    Students who receive direct services are typically two or more academic years behind their peers. All Souls Catholic School has a variety of reading, writing, and math intervention programs that can be used to encourage academic growth.

    In addition to our intervention based services, All Souls Catholic School can conduct formal assessments of reading, writing, spelling, and math as well as informal/screening assessments in processing speed, verbal language, and vocabulary.

Social and Emotional Support Services

Social and emotional support is provided to students by a school social worker on an "as needed" basis for needs that arise during the school day. The school social worker also serves as a resource for any ongoing social or emotional concerns. If necessary, the school social work may provide parents referrals to outside professionals for additional resources.

"Gifted and Talented" Support Services

All Souls Catholic School also provides consult services for students identified as "Gifted and Talented." For a student to qualify for these services, parents must provide assessment documentation to the Director of Student Support Services. After documentation has been provided, the Student Support Services Team will consult with the classroom teacher to provide guidance and direction for academic planning purposes.