Pastor's Welcome

Welcome to All Souls! As pastor of this vibrant, Catholic faith community located in the heart of the bustling Denver suburbs of Englewood, Littleton, Centennial, Cherry Hills, and Greenwood Village, it is my joy to greet you in the name of Christ.

Whether you are coming upon our schools’ website for the first time, or have been a part of our dynamic community for generations, I urge you to do something very rewarding: spend some time here on an adventure of discovery.

You will find it worthwhile to explore and discover the treasures that lie within these webpages. Here you will find not just academic testing statistics, educational theories, or an alternative to the status quo. Rather, here you will find the best evidence of the work of God - and a place where individuals come more fully alive, together, in the great common work that is Catholic education.

Amidst these pages, you will also find our most valuable, esteemed treasures: wide-eyed students open to life’s promise, committed teachers and staff who invest in their potential, and the parents and parish community who, together, affirm the amazing power of God’s grace.

Ours is a school, set in a parish, that is committed to a truly Catholic excellence in academics, spirituality, community, and service. One of the best compliments I have ever heard given to All Souls Catholic School is, “This place has character!” For every sense of the word, it is joy to be here.

I encourage you: both in these pages and in person, come see why!

Father Sam Morehead
  • Father Sam Morehead
  • Pastor