All Souls Tradition


From its serene and sunny corner of bustling Englewood, Colorado, All Souls Catholic School’s warm brick exterior exudes stability and tradition. The pre-K through 8th grade school - which serves all religious affiliations and denominations as well as welcomes non-denominational students - houses not just a dynamic, evolving student body but also more than a half-century of academic tradition and excellence.

Founded in 1959 by the sisters of Loretto, the school soon grew from six to sixteen-classrooms, adding a full-sized gym, music room, and cafeteria. More classrooms quickly followed, along with the addition of award-winning sports and academic programs including boys and girls volleyball and basketball teams, as well as debating and chess teams and other clubs.

All Souls’ infrastructure has grown along with the community it anchors. A bright, airy new Early Learning Center was added in 2010 joining a modern new middle school wing and sleekly designed, fully stocked library built in 2003.

The school has adeptly kept pace with the dizzying changes and challenges of the information age. In the past few years it instituted an academic curriculum that provides comprehensive IT courses in elementary school and culminates with one-on-one IT instruction and iPads in the classroom for middle school students, giving all students the technological skills they need to succeed.

Through rigorous academics, developmental support staff, exceptional sports programs, supportive clubs and the joint effort of home, school, church and community, All Souls guarantees its students the opportunity and ability to achieve their greatest spiritual and intellectual potential. Its mission’s success is reflected not just in continued academic excellence – but also in its exemplary state and national-level test scores.

To send your child to All Souls is to make them one of the generations of Coloradoans who have proudly worn the school’s distinctive red plaid uniform – as well as an inherent part of its proud spirit of loyalty and tradition of achievement.

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