Early Learning Center Curriculum


General Information

All Souls Early Learning Center’s child-focused curriculum promotes self-sufficient, confident, and motivational learners. Its interdisciplinary approach – coupled with on-going assessments designed to inform lesson plans – is designed to ensure that each student’s individual needs are met.

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    To nurture each child’s individual development, learning activities are planned around a balance of both child-directed and teacher-directed play-based experiences. Parents are an important part of a child’s learning, so relationships between home and school are a priority to us.

Faith Formation

We believe that a child’s faith development is facilitated with warmth, love, and forgiveness and view the teacher-child relationship as a key focal point of that development.

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    Teachers share their faith and the Gospel with their students throughout their learning day. Early Learning Center Pre-Kindergarten and Junior Kindergarten students attend weekly Mass with their “Mass Buddies” from the Big School. Preschool 3’s students attend Mass several times throughout the school year during Holy Days of Obligation and other important days of worship.

Language and Literacy

Literacy development at All Souls ELC involves more than just teaching the alphabet. Language development and literacy is incorporated into every aspect of the school day.

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    Students are exposed daily to a vocabulary/language rich, and print rich environment. Through small group and whole group instruction students are exposed to the many genres of literature.


All Souls ELC’s comprehensive math curriculum teaches fundamental mathematical concepts, including number sense and geometry. Students are given a lifelong appreciation of math by learning its language and practical uses.

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    As part of a project funded through the National Science Foundation and through the research of University of Denver professors, Doctors’ Douglas Clements and Julie Sarama, All Souls ELC teachers have received extensive professional development in the understanding and development of children’s math concepts as well as how to support each child in their own pathway of development, allowing them to “mathematize” their everyday activities.


The desire to question, hypothesize, explore and investigate comes naturally to children - discovery is at the heart of all that they do! We foster their innate curiosity by giving them the opportunity to observe their world through a scientist’s magnifying glass.

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    As the students explore, investigate and discover, their curiosity and knowledge is informed and encouraged with compelling, hands-on class projects such as a Coral Reef Expo, Knight at the Museum, owl pellet dissections, and much more.

Social Emotional Development

Social emotional development and friendship skills are interwoven throughout the school day and lesson plans.

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    Students are given concrete tools designed to educate and empower them so they can begin to resolve their own social/peer conflicts. Through the gentle and deliberate facilitation of the ELC teachers, students become self-confident and self-regulated.

Our Classrooms

All Souls ELC classrooms are intentionally designed to be engaging and welcoming.

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    Each classroom is full of interesting educational materials intended to spark curiosity and encourage exploration. Teachers make sure that the classroom environments are stimulating, supportive, and ever-changing while also maintaining a stable, comfortable visual environment.

Director of Early Learning Center - Sally Wallace