All Souls Catholic School offers students the opportunity to develop their full academic, spiritual and physical potential through athletics. We partner with The Catholic Schools Athletic League (CSAL) and the Archdiocese of Denver to uphold and teach the following values:


Students at all levels of ability are encouraged to participate in athletic exercises and events.

Respect and Dignity

Participants are encouraged to compete while always showing respect and honoring the dignity of teammates, opponents, coaches, parents, and spectators. Winning is always secondary to good sportsmanship, ethical behavior, mutual trust and showing compassion.


Student athletes are invited to recognize and be grateful that, out of love, God created them as unique beings and that their varied gifts and talents should be used for the benefit of all and for the greater glory of God.

Catholic Values

Athletes, parents, coaches, volunteers, spectator are all called to uphold Catholic values and demonstrate those values by word and deed. In addition, All Souls recognizes the importance of observing the Sabbath day by prohibiting all activities from taking place on Sunday including meetings, practices and games, so that families can remain committed to worship of the Lord and observe a day of rest.

Safe Environment

All Souls seeks to ensure the protection of all children by requiring that individuals who work with and around children adhere to the policies and procedures as defined by the Child and Youth Protection Office of the Archdiocese of Denver.

General Information

All Souls Catholic School participates in the sports programs offered through the Archdiocese of Denver. The Catholic Schools Athletic League (CSAL) is divided into to two levels, Junior Varsity for fifth and sixth grade students and Varsity for seventh and eighth grade students. Third and fourth grade students participate in the Widget League. Both leagues offer girls’ volleyball, boys’ baseball, boys’ and girls’ basketball, and cross-country.

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    Primarily, teams are coached by parent volunteers. It is expected that all students, parents and coaches support the values of "Play Like a Champion" and may be required to attend training for this program. The goal of all of our teams is to give each student athlete an experience that enhances their All Souls Catholic School education.