Admissions Process


Families considering enrolling their children in All Souls Catholic School are asked to schedule a one-hour meeting with the principal to discuss the school’s entry requirements, curriculum and extra curricular activities. To complete their visit, they will be given a school tour.

The next step is for interested families to be placed on the school’s pre-registration list. After current school families are registered for the next year in early February, pre-registered families are contacted to see if they would like to enroll.


Students who are candidates for enrollment in All Souls’ grades 5-8 are required to meet with the principal for an interview, which is conducted in the presence of the student’s parent(s) or guardian, and usually take less than 30 minutes.

Transferring Students

Students in grades 1-8 who are transferring to All Souls must be in good standing at their current school. The last academic report card and last standardized testing data will be required during the inquiry stage and/or the time of interview. If your child has an IEP or other educational plan, a hard copy is also required before registering. If the student is transferring from another Catholic school, all fees must be taken care of with the current Catholic school before the student may transfer to All Souls.