Academic Achievements

All Souls Catholic School ‘s long history of academic excellence allows its students to develop a strong academic foundation, and qualifies them for acceptance into some of Denver’s most respected private and parochial high schools. It also gives them a superior academic foundation for public high school.

To maintain the rigorous academic standards and excellence of a Catholic education, All Souls continually assesses its academic program using the latest educational tools and techniques.

High School Acceptance

All Souls Catholic School promotes high academic standards designed to help its graduates achieve academic success through high school - and beyond. Graduates are typically accepted into their high schools of choice, with many continuing their education at Catholic or Christian high schools. Whether attending private or public high schools, All Souls graduates are well equipped to achieve academic success that remains rooted in the teachings of their Catholic faith.

In 2016, nearly two-thirds of the 8th grade graduates will attend private high school. The following chart shows the high schools chosen by the All Souls Class of 2016.

Iowa Assessments

The Iowa Assessments is a normed referenced test administered annually at the mid-year point to assess academic growth. This tool reports the grade equivalent (GE) scores to measure academic growth and achievement in our students. The expectation is for students to demonstrate measurable growth in a grade level over the course of a year.

The following chart illustrates how expectionally prepared our 8th grade students are for high school.

ACRE Assessments

The Assessment of Children Religious Education (ACRE) is a test published by the National Catholic Educational Association (NCEA) and used by All Souls Catholic School to assess the effectiveness of our religious education. The test is administered to students in grade 5th and grade 8th to determine how well students have learned the fundamental teachings of their Catholic faith. The assessment focuses on six areas of catechesis:

  1. Knowledge of Faith
  2. Liturgical Life
  3. Moral Formation
  4. Prayer
  5. Communal Life
  6. Missionary Spirit

In 2015, All Souls students out performed the national average with 8th grade students scoring in the 85th percentile and 5th grade students scoring in the 78th percentile. The national average in 2015 for 8th graders was 82.5th percentile and 5th graders was 71.7th percentile. (Source NCEA website)